Safety Built In
HopSkipDrive was started by three professional moms who needed help getting their own children to all their activities. We've built safety measures that help make parents feel comfortable.

Before the ride: 

• CareDrivers with 5+ years childcare experience

• Comprehensive 15-point driver certification process

• All CareDrivers are Trustline certified 

Meet a few of our amazing CareDrivers

I am a proud mother of a lovely teen and handsome young adult! I received my Associates Degree in Child Development and am now completing my Bachelors in Business. I am a very good driver! Safety of children is always my main concern.

H! I'm Madison and I am a full time nanny for two young boys. I am CPR/First Aid certified and I also have experience working with kids with special needs. Fun facts about me are that I love ballet & hiking with my Husky Skylar!

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Safe, dependable rides to & from 
Team Fashion Camp

Carpool rides starting at $7 per rider, per ride

Single rides starting at $16 per rider, per ride

Safe, dependable rides to & from 
Team Fashion Camp

Carpool rides starting at $7, single rides at $16    per rider, per ride

"I have been desperate to figure out how I can do a job I love & get my kids to all of their things. Their background checks are more than I did for babysitters. HopSkipDrive is a lifesaver."

- Kristen H. 

mom to Olivia, age 11


"I work full time, and I rely on HopSkipDrive to get my daughter from school to home every day. This service has been a life saver."

- Susan B.

mom to Catherine, age 8

As seen in: 

During the ride: 

• Each kid has a personalized code word the CareDriver will confirm

• Track ride through the app & receive notifications along the way

• Tools monitoring the driver's phone use, speed, & more

Behind the scenes: 

• US-based support team monitoring all rides in real time

• Specialized insurance for transporting kids 

• All CareDrivers held to a Zero Tolerance Policy

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